How much space does a String Quartet need?

How much space does a String Quartet Need?

Approximately 8ft x 6ft  for the ideal layout though in more cramped spaces the quartet can be flexible up to a point.


String Quartet, Trio, or Duo. What's the Difference?

String quartets have an enormously wide range of musical styles available from classical music to jazz, tv themes, show tunes, latin, pop, rock & more. Reduced in size by  2 players,  duos have a considerably narrower range of repertoire to choose from. We generally recommend our clients to book a string quartet or tio rather than a  duo for the widest range of music.

String Quartet –  2 VIOLINS, 1 VIOLA, 1 CELLO
String Trio –  1 VIOLIN, 1 VIOLA & 1 CELLO  or   2 VIOLINS & 1 CELLO
String Duo – any 2 from violin, viola or cello, (VIOLIN/CELLO preferred) 

How often will the musicians take breaks?

How many breaks will the Musicians need to take?

Our musicians will take 10 minutes break for each hour after the 1st hour of a booking whilst remaining flexible enough to work within your itinerary. For example, the musicians could take one longer break rather than two shorter breaks depending on the length of your booking. 

Do I need to provide refreshments/food

Do I need to provide refreshments or food for the Musicians?

Musicians appreciate refreshments throughout their performance (except where inappropriate, eg. a church). A light meal need only be provided for bookings of 3 or more hours and should be timed to coincide with a break.

Can you play my favorite song?

Can the String Quartet play my favorite song?

If string quartet arrangements are already available certainly. If not we can have it arranged specially for you. A notice of at least 2 weeks is normally required. Depending on the complexity most arrangements take 2-3 hours of highly skilled work.  

Can you play hymns?

Can the String Quartet play hymns?

Yes, you can have the string quartet accompany your hymns. This may incur an additional cost if music arrangements need to be made but this is unnecessary for many hymns. 

Can a string quartet accompany a singer or other soloist?

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